This toolkit has been put together for you! It has been created to aid you in enriching your life by reading, writing, and telling stories. This toolkit is accessible anywhere with wifi – at home, in hospital, prison, day centre, nursing home. This is an opportunity for words to enrich your life. So, welcome to the toolkit.

Former Chief Medical Officer for Scotland Sir Kenneth Calman says:
Words are remarkable agents for change. When put together in stories, poems, plays and books, literature in whatever form, presents ideas, reflections and stimulates the imagination. Stories, books, poems are ways of connecting minds and people and making you think differently. Words can also be used to expand knowledge and assist learning, and in clinical care that works both ways….. Words, through stories and books can provide a means to stimulate quality of life and improve well-being.

The toolkit will always be in process, based on feedback from you and others about content, ease of use, and its contribution to your wellbeing. Our aim is that your use will be efficient and clear. We invite you to return again and again. Please send us your comments and suggestions for future additions.