Prompt Description

I often find inspiration by going outside and walking. It may be round a park or garden but equally it could be by a car park or near a hospital. Of course it is also wonderful to do this out in the wilds too.

  • Make sure you have a notebook and a pencil.
  • Start your walk and change gear so that you go more slowly.
  • Walk a while until you find somewhere you would like to stop and possibly sit.
  • Write a list of the things you can see, hear, touch, taste and lastly, smell.
  • Choose one particular thing that calls your attention. It might be a leaf or a stone or a tin can. Even better if it’s something you can explore with your senses. Touch it, sniff it etc. Write notes or make a list of details about it.
  • Then get up and walk noticing if any memories or feelings start to come to you. Pay close attention to these as they often lead to stories, words or even a first line for a poem.
  • Stop and write things down as they come. See what you can catch in your notebook…

Later, when you get back home:

  • See what you have caught in your notebook and use something from your walk as an idea for a poem or piece of writing.

Jayne Wilding February 2016