Prompt Description

I was securing the pin in the diaper
when someone banged on the door
and it was this guy
in an orange fishnet Florida Interstate
holding his bike helmet and saying
Hi, I’m the muse.

George Ella Lyon

Who, or what, is your Muse?

The Muses in classical mythology were nine sisters, goddesses who inspired poetry, music, dancing… What Muse would lead your steps to write?

Make your own list of people, ideas, places or things that could become your Muses. When will you be visited by the Muse? It’s good to keep practising your writing so you’ll be ready when she bangs on the door, or when you see something which captures your attention. What makes you want to write?

Sometimes writing begins with musing, sitting down and thinking about something before you start to pick up the pencil.

Muse-inspired, look again at your list. If you think there’s something which contains the seeds for future writing, start planning / planting / jotting down the next piece you’ll write… Use the Muse!