Prompt Description

– a few wee prompts to get you writing.

Keep repeating the prompts and keep writing. This helps to get ‘below the brain’ so we don’t over think, censor or interrupt the flow.


Make a list of things you might write about with this heading…

Write About

what I see
what I wish I could see
what I might never see.

Write About
the price of fish
the girl next door
whatever comes into my head…

This will be a random list, a bit of a fankle at first but you can pick up any of the threads to follow up on. It only goes to show, you can write about absolutely anything.

What Gets My Goat

This is a good prompt for getting things off your chest, a key element in expressive writing. Make a list of the things that bug you…

This gets my goat
automated check outs
that keep bleeping and bleating
“un-identified object in the baggage area”

This gets my goat
folk who play their sound-systems on public transport
so all you can hear is kkttsstt kkkttsst kkkttsst
I wish they’d wheisht!

…and on and on till you are done

I always follow What Gets My Goat with This is My Medicine as it is a good counter balance to connect with all the things in life that nourish us and bring a sense of well-being…

This is My Medicine

just letting the words fall
like rain onto the paper
to see what grows from them
taking the time
to watch the slow unfolding
of the seasons
This is my medicine
the smell of marmalade cooking
in my jeely pan…

Margot Henderson